Who’s it Gonna Be? – The Quarterback Showdown



Sooo….At 25 years old and in his second season, Russel Wilson is a young, exciting and up and coming quarterback. After a successful college career in both baseball and football he opted to go to the MLB for a few years before leaving baseball and entering the 2012 NFL draft. There was some concern over his height but Seattle picked him in the third round, 75th over all. At this point the Seahawks had three quarterbacks and no clear direction on who they wanted to lead their team. The three men spent training camp competing for the job of starter with Russell eventually coming out on top. This is important because unlike Peyton Manning, Russell was never the obvious choice. He didn’t enter the NFL in the 1st round, his dad isn’t a famous quarterback and he surpassed everyones expectations in getting the job and then surpassed them again when he was so excellent at it.

His rookie season was a success and curiously enough he ended up tying the record for most touchdowns thrown by a rookie….with none other than Peyton Manning.

Russell is a devout christian. He claims that Jesus came to him in a dream when he was 14 and his twitter is filled with biblical verses,

Imagehowever he doesn’t just tweet his values. He goes weekly to the Seattle Children’s hospital and he has a charity called ‘The Power of the Mind’ that gives opportunities to low income youth. In 2010 he lost his father to complications with Diabetes and since has become an advocate for those suffering with the disease. He holds a youth passing academy in the off season with all proceeds going to the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association. For the 2013 season he made an agreement with Russel Investments where they donate $2000 to his charity for every touchdown he throws in the regular and post season.

In 2012 he married his college sweetheart, the lovely Ashton Meem and the two are maybe the cutest couple in football. I have attached a few links to hit this home but this is their reaction to Russell being drafted. russell-wilson-gfAND I will also tell you that when he proposed, he had one of their three adorable dogs help him out, AND If you care about that sort of thing, there are links.

To sum him up, Russell Wilson seems like the lovleliest, most all american boy you could hope to lead your team. It’s not hard to root for his serious look, youthful talent and curly locks.

Now, on to Peyton Manning. I already spoke about him in my post for the NFC championship so I won’t go into tremendous detail but what is important to know about Peyton is that this has been an extraordinary season for him. He has beat numerous records, and if he wins the this game, for a lot of reasons I don’t fully comprehend, he will have had the greatest single season of any quarterback in the history of the NFL.


Now, does this incredible athlete really need another accolade to add to his already impressive list? Probably not, but consider this – This amazing season he’s had, this is happening after some serious surgeries onhis neck. Surgeries that caused the team that he built and led for 14 years to replace him. Peyton Manning was the starting QB with the Indiana Colts for 14 years. After he was dropped, hewasn’t sure if he should tryto continue playing with his arm not recovering like he wanted it to. His rather lovely wife Ashley pushed him into a few training camps where his arm slowlystarted returning. He was picked up by the Bronco’s last year and has been blowing everyones mind with his comeback ever since.

His is a story of redemption. And not only that, but you can’t help but admit that he has a certain charm to him. I can’t say for sure that I think he is particularly funny but it is clear that he has a sense of humour and appreciates comedy. He hosted SNL and didn’t screw it up, in fact, this United Way PSA was really quite good. He did a promo spot with Will Farrell for Anchor Man 2 this year and let’s not forget about hismany classic MasterCard commercials over the years. With his big dumb face and his big dumb smile it’s hard not to like him.

And don’t think he doesn’t do his fair share of charity work either. One of my favourite Peyton-ism’s is his foundation which is aptly named ‘The Peyback Foundation’

Peyton is known for calling out plays to trick the other team. His most recent buzzword is ‘Omaha’ and he seems to shout it out beforenearly every play lately. The city of Omaha is thrilled, they publicly thanked Manning on their twitter feed, hoping that all these mentions on national television are bound to cause some tourism. You can even bet on how many times Peyton will scream Omaha at the super bowl, naturally the links are attached.

So, quarterback wise you have two options – the young, serious, sweet and talented Russell Wilson and his dogs OR the lovable goon thatis Peyton Manning who could prove to the world (and the Colts) that is he still the very best.

On this one, although I love the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, I think I’m going Peyton. I mean, look at this faceImage


Here is the betting information on Omaha


To add to my argument of the cutest couple in football

Here is Russell Wilson’s proposal details….which I understand is not a very sporty link


And in case you missed it this time, here is Peyton’s United Way commercial



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